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We’re certainly not the first ones to meet this way.

On the internet, that is. Nice to meet you, I’m Natalie, and I’ll

start this off with a few quick things about myself. I was born in New York City and raised in Tunisia, Morocco, Argentina, England, and the United Arab Emirates. I have a Belgian father and an Italian/American mother. And while I may not know exactly where I'm from, life on the move has helped me figure out where I want to go. 


Whether it be to a new neighborhood or across continents, I'm always in search of the hidden marks that make a place unique, a passion I have translated into a career as a writer and editor. My work has been published on Conde Nast Traveler, Business Insider, Playboy, BBC Travel, Suitcase, AFAR and more. I am currently the Head of Content for Benny and One Night, where I have researched and written about over 200 hotels worldwide and launched our very own editorial site:


My love for turning experiences into visuals and words is one

that I hope to carry out for the rest of my career.

Natalie Stoclet
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