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Over the past ten years, I have worked on in-house creative teams and as a consultant to bring brands to life. After taking on roles as Head of Content for Standard Hotels and Brand + Content Director for Life House, I am proud to get to work with a roster of game-changing brands across multiple sectors.

2024 Clients
AMAN—managing editor and writer for the brand's magazine, social media
The Standard Asia—brand positioning, naming, editorial + copywriting, social media
SIXTY Hotels—copy and graphic direction, brand management, partnerships
Beautiful Destinations—copywriting and creative direction for tourism boards including Panama and Morocco.
CIVILIAN—copy and graphic direction, brand management, launch strategy
Favorite Field—creative direction and strategy for clients like Urby, Pearl AI, Maslow's.
Moliving—brand book development and brand guidelines
PIRANHA—strategy, creative concept development and copy for agency clients

RA Hospitality—new brand development and ideation, deck creation
—copywriting, concept ideation

Territory Foods—copywriting, email marketing, campaign research 

NIV—interior design, decorating, branding

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